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If you still don't know what worse skin disease can hit your dog, try to look up the one called mange in every pet book you know. Mange is a type of a skin disease that can be highly contagious both for you and your other pets. Mange is caused by parasites that live on the skin of your dog, causing wounds, hair loss, blisters, and scabs. Mange could make your dog become not so desirable. With walking dandruff and a skin disease apparent on its fur, you'll even have second thoughts about letting your dog inside the house again.

And so you should make sure that your dogs don't acquire this disease at all. There are three types of mange that could develop in dogs - Sarcoptic Mange, Demodectic Mange, and the Cheyletiella Mange. These diseases are very similar to each other, with each of them having varying effects on your pets.

Of these three, demodectic mange can be considered as the mildest type. There are instances that dogs recover from it on their own, even without medical intervention. However, it is almost impossible to tell demodectic mange from sarcoptic mange, which is a lot more severe. If left untreated, sarcoptic mange can become generalized, which means that the entire skin surface of your dog gets affected. In its early stages, sarcoptic mange is localized. Here, the foot, the ears, or the mouth of your dog is affected. Without the proper medications, the disease can easily spread throughout the body.

This only goes to tell you that you should take your pet to the veterinarian on the first signs of the disease. They will provide them with the necessary antibiotics, dips, and diet to make sure that your dog gets cured in no time. Self-medication for mange is strongly discouraged. Veterinarians need to examine your dog fully to determine what type of mange it has acquired. Only then will the necessary treatment procedure can be given. Note that the three different types of mange call for different methods of treatment.

Cheyletiella mange is the type that is most visible. This is the one commonly referred to as the walking dandruff. Like the others, the parasites that cause this disease reproduce massively on the skin, causing severe damage in the process. The mites burrow themselves into the skin of the dog to feed on the nutrients and then reproduce. A single mite on your dog's skin is enough to inflict it with the disease as it will multiply in number in a matter of a week.

However, that will only happen if your dog's immune system is weak. Dogs with strong antibodies can easily fight off the parasites that cause mange. Also, dogs that don't practice good hygiene are more prone to mange than any other pets. And so the best way to prevent mange is to make sure that your pet gets the best attention both in its hygiene and eating habits. Give your dog the most nutritious food around so its body defense system gets stronger by the day. And make sure that your dog gets its daily bath and regular grooming too in order to make sure that no mites or parasites would even attempt to come close to it.

Frequently Asked Questions

    about a skin diseases., I read in a book that a woman aged 27 in UK, suffers from rarest skin disease?
    I read in a news that a UK national living in a city called Flint suffers from a skin disease. and when water is sprinkled on her skin she develops boils and it gives burning sensation all through her body. What is name of the diseases? why it is happening?? Is it only her are there are in numbers? Can any one mail me details about this? about the patient, name of the dermatologist and hospital attending her.

    • ANSWER:

      The condition is called Aquagenic Urticaria.

      Only 30+ people in the world suffer from this.

      Her name is Katie Dell and if you google the name you will get the story behind it.

    What type of skin diseases are platies prone to?
    One of my platies keeps rubbing herself against the rocks and even tries spinning herself on them. I know she itching herself and shes red in general but shes got like a white patch in the area she is itching in. No other odd behaviors present, she is eating and moving around normally except for the itching.
    Any idea of what that is and how to cure her?
    Should I separate her from the other fish?
    I think it might be ich how do i cure it?
    i think its fungus then
    how do i cure it?

    • ANSWER:
      it sounds like some sort of fungus or parasite.

      the parasites include: worms and ich

      fungus look like this(with all the fuzz)


      Worms look like this:


      ich looks like this:


      to cure ich disease


      but i also suggest quick cure as the medication if you decide to have medicine included.

      good luck!

    Does anyone know about feline skin diseases?
    My cat has an area on her back just in front of her tail that she has been biting and trying to scratch so much that the skin in that area is scabbing and she's losing the hair there. I'm going to take her to the vet but I won't be able to go until next week. Does anyone know what could be causing this? It is localized specifically to that area and the area on the underside of her tail just above her rear end.

    • ANSWER:
      That's the first place that flea bite allergies turn up. Get Advantage or Frontline and apply as directed even if you don't see fleas or flea dirt. Fleas don't spend much time on the cat.
      Take her to the vet, by all means, but if you can do the above first, it will help get the situation under control quicker.

    What is the name of contagious skin diseases that eat away at the flesh that have been around for many years?
    There is a certain one my Mom & I are trying to think of & just can not think of what it is called. Years & years ago they had shipped the people to an island that had this disease. Hope that someone can help me find out what it was called.

    • ANSWER:

    What is the treatment or medicine for HENOCH-SCHONLEIN PURPURA skin diseases? except the dermatologist....?
    What is the treatment or medicine for HENOCH-SCHONLEIN PURPURA skin diseases? except the dermatologist....?
    this kind of skin diseases is usually in leg, bottoms, and arms.
    except in dermatologist do u know what is the medicine or a cream for that? it is so itchy and longer and longer if scartchy and take a cream after a an hour its scratchy again. its look like a big pimple but so very itchy and scarctchy help me for this i want to know what is the best medicine for that...except a dermatologist i want to know from you.thank you

    • ANSWER:
      The prognosis of Henoch-Schönlein purpura is excellent. Most patients recover completely, and some do not require therapy. Treatment is similar for adults and children. When glucocorticoid therapy is required, prednisone is recommended.
      Go to the web site listed below it has the newest info on this.

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